How Is The Data Collated? Our teams of researchers collect fresh data daily from 400+ Local Areas nationwide. Data is turned into Hot Sales Leads and mailed to subscribers at the beginning of every month. The benefits to you and your business; New property owners means more profitable business for you. Precision targeting and perfect timing. These people are about to buy the very products and services that you sell. Keep ahead of your competition – Be proactive. Get the information you need, when you need it. Inexpensive but very effective. Note: Personally addressed mailing labels can also be supplied (on request). Writing of introductory/sales letters and full mail-out service is also available (on request). (C) Studio House Pro 2000-2014 What Does The Service Cost? Our service is not expensive and will often pay for itself from just one new customer. You will receive a full property address list each month containg all the sold properties in that particular area. The subscriptions can be paid Annually or Monthly. For each local postcode the fee is £599.00 per year or £49.95 per month. Note: Discounts available, 2nd postcode -20%, 3rd postcode (and all subsequent additional postcodes) -40%. Summary: Precision targeting and perfect timing means more profitable business for you. What do you do next? 1. Select the postcodes of interest to you. 2. Subscribe to our service.