Established in 1985 as Micro Studio selling and installing Acorn Computers from the very first Computer Store in Cambridgeshire.  1989 Instrumental in establishing the embryonic Ely Online, the first electronic local news website and online magazine. 1992 Writing and selling Geographic Software and Digital Maps nationwide. Training schools and businesses in the use of computers. 1993 Forming the first websites for educational use in schools and designing Digital Art Software for art students. 1993 Supplying the early business accounting software for IBM computers. 1994 Forming the Studio House alliance of programmers and designers for web-design and e-commerce. 1995 Establishing the early Search Engine Optimisation Sequence for Yahoo search engines. 1999 Incorporating Google and later Bing Search Engine Optimisation Sequences for local business websites. 2005 Early adopter of Social Media Optimisation Sequences. (C) Studio House Pro 2000-2014