Q: How do you research these customer contact lists, and how do I know they are ‘fresh’ or ‘pristine’ and ‘legitimate’?  A: They are all from official sources which are published at the end of each month covering the previous months confirmed sales (ie. sales of properties that 'have' exchanged and completed, so that we know the new buyers have moved in. Q: How will I receive my list? In what form, for instance, can I buy them on sticky labels or hardcopy, or are they electronic only?  A: The lists are available by email and by download in Excel and CSV format so that they can be stored and used in your own database, merged into a letter or printed as labels. Yes we can supply hardcopy in label format for photocopying to your labels, alternatively ready printed onto labels for use but there will of course be an extra charge. Q: How long does delivery take?  A: New lists are available during the first week of every month. Q: What size lists can I buy?  A: The size of each list varies and is dependant on the number of house sales in that postcode during the month. Q: How are your lists different from any other mailing list company?  A: Our lists are qualified and varified to be accurate lists of actual sold properties, not properties still on the market, fallen through or withdrawn sales. Q: What guarantee, if any, comes with each list?  A: Each list is guranteed a to be true and accurate at the time of receipt. Q: The list prices are very cheap, is that because they have low yield?  A: We do not gurantee that the owners of properties on the lists are willing to buy yours or anyones products or services. They are provided as is for your sales teams to make use of. Q: Can I swap the lists, or get a refund, if I am not happy with the one I buy?  A: There are no alternative lists available for a particular postcode area. The list you will receive contains all of the data available at the time, the size of which will vary depending on the total number of sales that particular month. Q: What kind of prospects are on the list?  A: All properties listed have recently sold and the new owners will be anticipating buying new, modifiying or replacing fixtures and fittings to their taste. As such they are all potential new customers. Q: Do I get phone and emails on the list?  A: Unfortunately there are no names, phone numbers or email addresses associated with these newly sold properties in line with current data protection laws. Q: Can I keep and re-use the list?  A: The lists are intended for you to grow your potential customers database and enable you to contact them again over time. Q: How many postcodes can I buy at one time?  A: You may purchase as many postcode areas as you wish (up to 4 through the website). Please contact us directly if you would like more than 4 initially. Q: What is your average strike rate or percentage conversion with these lists?  A: We have no statistics as we don't ask for feedback from the list users. They prefer to keep that information private. Q: Can I canvass without an appointment?  A: The use of the lists is totally up to you. You may use post, hand delivery or local door knocking by your representatives. Q: How soon can I have my list? A: The current lists will be made available to you immediately. The new lists are available at the beginning of each month. Questions (FAQ) (C) Studio House Pro 2000-2014